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My name is Yannick Desjardins

I'm Yannick Desjardins, a seasoned programmer with a passion for technology that has driven me since my early teenage years. With a career spanning over three decades in the tech industry, I've made significant contributions and achieved remarkable milestones that have left an indelible mark on various sectors.

Professional Journey:

  • Early Beginnings: My journey in programming commenced at the tender age of 13 when I delved into the world of coding independently, setting the foundation for a lifelong passion.

  • Lottery Terminal Pioneer: One of my most notable accomplishments was designing the first Québec-built Lottery Terminal for Loto-Québec, a significant milestone in the gaming industry.

  • POS-3201 Protocol Driver: I also pioneered the design of the first certified POS-3201 Protocol Driver in Canada, contributing to advancements in point-of-sale technology.

  • Entrepreneurship: With a keen entrepreneurial spirit, I've founded and led two companies, with one of them expanding to employ 80 professionals. These ventures were driven by my vision and determination to make a meaningful impact in the tech world.

  • Product Management Innovator: I'm proud to have built the world's first Product Management platform, revolutionizing the way products are developed and managed. My contributions to the field even led to a patented Product Management Process.

  • E-commerce Transformation: My technical expertise was pivotal in transforming an online Villa Catalog company into a dynamic eCommerce platform, revolutionizing the way the business operated and expanded.

  • Luxury Retreats and Airbnb: One of my most significant achievements was helping transform the R&D practice of Luxury Retreats into an attractive acquisition target for Airbnb. This strategic execution in February 2017 resulted in a remarkable $300 million USD acquisition, showcasing my ability to drive innovation and business success.

My journey in programming has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a commitment to innovation, and an unshakable entrepreneurial spirit. I continue to push the boundaries of technology, striving to create lasting impacts in the ever-evolving world of programming and business.

If you're looking for a dynamic, results-driven tech professional with a track record of innovation and success, I'm the one you want on your team.

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In my years of dealing with and selling to developers I have never met anyone with the talent that Yannick has. The work he has done on FeaturePlan in the time I have been at Ryma has not only been impressive but has been very high quality and this is proven by the reactions of our prospects and customers.

Bradley Kravitz

Director of Sales Major Accounts - AMCS at Toon Boom Animation

Yannick is an amazing software architect. I am not only amazed by his broad knowledge in information technology, but more importantly, also by his great insights in software industry. He always comes up with great solutions that not only fulfill customer's needs, but also guide our development.

Jeffrey Wang

Sr. Software Developer at Explorance

Yannick is the best systems designer and architect that I have ever met. I worked with Yannick more than 1 year and I appreciated very much Yannick’s professionals and interpersonal skills. Yannick is the leader type who inspires inputs from all relevant sources, understands them, and processes them for the most appropriate solution. And Yannick is driven to stay abreast of the latest developments, using the most appropriate tool for developing solutions.

Daniela Bungardean

Senior Software Developer, Sun Life

Yannick is an extremely bright and talented individual. Add his experience to the mix and Yannick is a development team on his own. I've never seen anyone develop such complex features as quickly as Yannick does. Everyone here at Ryma Technologies agrees that you would need a half a dozen average programmers to replace Yannick.

Brian Knoepfel

Engineering Manager at Airbnb

Yannick is a very talented architect and brings years of experience with small and large technical teams. His ability to understand different technologies and combine them into robust designs is particularly strong.

Hakan Kilic

Product @ Google

Yannick is a transformational leader who has a perfect blend of technical and business skills which have allowed him to excel in the travel technology industry. He came to Luxury Retreats to solve set of difficult problems that plagued our technology platform. Under his guidance we rebooted our technology, processes and team to enable company’s aggressive growth. Yannick is as strategic and as hands-on as it is required to be to make things happen. I’ve never met a technology leader so intuned with business realities of the company - he listens to business needs attentively and builds and executes technology strategy accordingly. I would work with Yannick any time again.

Anna Vysotskaya, MBA, M.A.

Vice President, Amadeus

Yannick is a very dynamic professional, brilliant and hardworking. I've been learning a lot working with him. He is able to work on several different assignments at the same time and deliver them all. Add to this his high knowledge of technology and you have a winning combination.

Leonardo Nascimento

CyberSecurity Specialist at BRP

Yannick's experience and in-depth knowledge of a multitude of technologies shines through in his ability to deliver well architected, scalable solutions. In our years of working together at Ryma, I was able to rely on Yannick to consistently deliver innovative solutions to meet market demands.

Robin Lowry

VP Product, Ryma

As one of the co-founders (and the Y) behind Ryma, Yannick was truly the brain that made the product work. He was bombarded by requests from all angles and was able to not only manage them efficiently but, to continue to build & maintain FeaturePlan. I'd recommend him for any challenging senior position in a technology organization and, would not hesitate to work with him again.

Peter Ganza

CEO The AppExchange Whisperer

Yannick is one of the finest software industry professionals I have ever worked with. A dedicated employee, a company advocate, extremely technical yet well versed in team management. Any company will greatly benefit from his knowledge and expertise.

Roman Kotchetkov

Sr. Advanced Technical Support Specialist, Level 3 - Assureon at Nexsan Technologies

Yannick is instrumental in the design and architect of complex systems and software. Ideas from product management have been successfully implemented because of his excellent knowledge these fields. He is also an excellent resource for solving issues and answering questions.

Bill Hrastovich

Senior QA Analyst at Airbnb

Yannick is a true technology enthusiast, always looking at what's new. I do not count anymore the evenings spent to challenge each other on new technologies.
A true leader, who really allows us to surpass ourselves and progress.
With his vision of both business and technology, He has enabled a successful transformation of the development group into a more mature and forward-looking product development group.

Jean-François Blier

Architect, Developer and Technology Enthusiast


Over the years, we've work on many great projects, either as Mobiyan or as myself Yannick Desjardins
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